Who Are You?! Adventures in Authentication Workshop (WAY)


WAY 2021 will take place as a virtual event on Sunday, August 8th, 2021 from 10am-2pm Eastern Time (ET) on Zoom.


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Instead of streaming pre-recorded videos of the talks, we decided that we wanted to maintain WAY's interactive nature even though this means we needed to accept the risk of technical difficulties and connectivity issues. We may reorder talks within sessions to adapt in the case of technical issues (e.g., if the first speaker in a session has a technical problem, we may ask the second speaker to present while that problem is being resolved). We plan to allow 25 minutes per paper, with 12-15 minutes used for the presentation, leaving at least 8-10 minutes for discussion and some extra time for setting up the screen sharing in Zoom. Instead of splitting the program by topic, we arranged WAY's program this year by the speaker's location.

Opening Remarks

Time (ET) Program
10:00 am – 10:15 am Welcome and Opening Remarks — 15 Minutes

Paper Session I

Time (ET) Program
10:15 am – 10:40 am User Authentication on Wearable Devices by Component Analysis of Heartbeat Signals
10:40 am – 11:05 am Quantitative Analysis of FIDO2 Client Support
11:05 am – 11:30 am Understanding Attacking Behaviors Toward Password-based Mobile User Authentication
11:30 am – 11:55 am In the Name of Security! Misconceptions of Security Features (Industry Report)


Time (ET) Program
11:55 am – 12:20 pm Lunch — 30 Minutes

Paper Session II

Time (ET) Program
12:20 pm – 12:45 pm "Add '!' at the End to Make It Secure": Observing Users' Desire for Control of Password Generation (Industry Report)
12:45 pm – 01:10 pm Multi-Factor Authentication Application Assessment: Risk Assessment of Expert-Recommended MFA Mobile Applications
01:10 pm – 01:35 pm How to Effectively Communicate Benefits of Introducing a Modern Password Policy to Employees in Companies

Closing Remarks

Time (ET) Program
01:35 pm – 01:40 pm Feedback and Closing Remarks — 5 Minutes

Networking Session

Time (ET) Program
01:40 pm – 02:00 pm Socializing: Meet Your Fellow Workshoppers! — 20 Minutes (Open-ended)