WAY 2018 Program

Sunday, August 12

Location: Dover C Room

7:30 | Continental Breakfast
9:00 | Introduction and Welcome

Heather Crawford and Elizabeth Stobert

9:05 | Session 1: The State of Authentication

The State of User Authentication in the Wild
Nils Quermann, Marian Harbach, and Markus Dürmuth

The Password Doesn't Fall Far: How Service Influences Password Choice
Miranda Wei, Maximilian Golla, and Blase Ur

9:35 | Session 2: Mobile Authentication

My Finger, My Face, My Choice: A Preliminary Study Exploring the use of Biometric Authentication on Mobile Devices and the Implications for Voter Verification
Imani N. Sherman, Brianna Posadas, Simone A. Smarr, and Juan E. Gilbert

One Size Does Not Fit Mobile: Designing Usable Security Input on Mobile Devices
Ann-Marie Horcher

Non-Stranger Danger: Examining the Effectiveness of Smartphone Locks in Preventing Intrusions by Socially-Close Adversaries
Diogo Marques, Tiago Guerreiro, Luís Carriço, Ivan Beschastnikh, and Konstantin Beznosov

10:30 | Break with refreshments
11:00 | Session 3: Authentication Support

How Old Are You?: Towards Identifying Measurable Cognitive Phenomena for Online Age Verification
Ahmad Alsaleem, Roger Altizer, and Tamara Denning

Who are They? Website Authentication: Certificates and Identity
Milica Stojmenović and Robert Biddle

Bars, Badges, and High Scores: On the Impact of Password Strength Visualizations
Maximilian Golla, Björn Hahn, Karsten Meyer zu Selhausen, Henry Hosseini, and Markus Dürmuth

"Will Any Password Do?" Exploring Rate-Limiting on the Web
Maximilian Golla, Theodor Schnitzler, and Markus Dürmuth

ACCESSv2: A Collaborative Authentication Research and Decision Support Platform
Peter Mayer, Philip Stumpf, Thomas Weber, and Melanie Volkamer

What does "MFA" mean? Conversations, Anecdotes, and a Call for Research
Jeffrey Goldberg

12:30 | Workshop Close